Sanchez Landscaping & House Cleaning Services
3904 MLK JR Way S Apt. 10 Seattle WA 98108
Telephone: (206) 931-4050

Sanchez Landscaping and House Cleaning Services not only provides you with an exceptional job on your landscaping but also great advice to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Keeping a garden in perfect condition is not just about mowing the lawn and removing dry branches: you must know the plants, how each tree is pruned and how it should be watered and where to provide each plant or area with the water it needs. Trusting your landscape in the hands of experts is essential, as is the care of your home and its cleaning.

Products and services :
-Landscaping & Maintenance
-Gutter Cleaning
-Pressure Washing
-Window Cleaning
-House Cleaning
Hours of Operation :
Daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm